Solar Battery systems are designed to store the excess energy from your PV system. They are capable of monitoring the homes usage of electricity. The internal battery management system will automatically divert the excess energy to your battery, rather than allow it to generate back onto the grid. The battery system will then distribute the stored energy when it detects a demand in the house greater than the PV system can provide.

All energy saving batteries are VAT free as of February 2024

Saving you money…

The panels capture the suns power and turns it into energy which can be used directly and immediately in your home. Energy from the sun is completely FREE and solar is a sustainable and effective source of electricity. The greener way to a better future. You can also add a battery storage system. This will capture any unused energy produced by the panels, and release it back into your home when you need it. Once again saving you money.

All energy saving batteries are VAT free as of February 2024


The GivEnergy battery storage systems use intelligent algorithms to make best use of excess generated power from solar PV as well as Time of Use energy tariffs.

A battery storage system that Gives you more Energy. GivEnergy is a manufacturer of smart electronic equipment designed to manage energy use and production.

Octopus Energy is the UK’s leading renewable energy Electricity Supplier. Their smart tariffs, Agile and Go, are cutting edge innovations created by Octopus’s unique technology. With Agile You get access to half-hourly energy prices, tied to wholesale prices and updated daily. With Go you only pay 5p/kWh from 00:30 to 04:30. Combining these tariffs with your PV + Battery system allows you to shift your daily electricity use outside of peak times and charge your battery during low night rates for morning useage (and during the winter) to reduce your bills by up to 95%.


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