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Solar panels are a year long source of energy for your home or business. As long as there is daylight your panels will generate electricity even during the winter months or when its cloudy. Combined with an energy saving battery they can give you independence from the grid and independence over your finances. A battery captures any unused energy that is generated by the solar panels and stores it for you to use later. Also, depending on which electricity company you are with there are opportunities for you to sell any surplus energy back to them.

With energy prices predicated to soar can you afford not to make this investment for your future.

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What are the benefits of home solar panels?
Lower electricity bills:
The energy harnessed from the sun is free and sustainable. It is estimated in 1 year, a Solar PV system will typically provide around 40% of the average household’s electricity usage. By installing domestic solar panels you protect yourself from the ever increasing cost of energy drawn from the grid.

Additional Income:
Any excess energy produced by your Solar PV System will be exported and sold back to the grid. So instead of paying your energy supplier, your energy supplier pays YOU for your electricity!

Clean Power Source:
Produce your own renewable energy, which is clean, reduces CO² emissions and also reduces your carbon footprint.

Increase value and appeal of your property:
Installing a Solar PV renewable technology to your home makes it more appealing to the property market and may also increase the value.

Solar Panel Diagram

“The installation team were very professional and respectful. They have provided excellent post-install support and advice. We are very happy with the service provided and will recommend to others.”
Craig | Gornal
“If your looking to save money on your electric bills I would recommend Insolation Solar Ltd. They are affordable, professional and super helpful with aftercare and explaining how to save and generate money for your power. 5* service”
Hayley | Dudley
“Exceptional quality and customer service. Great value investment from local company. Highly recommend. Arrived on time, installation completed on schedule. Very pleased overall.”
William | Wolverhampton
“Howard and Wendy at Insolation Solar were everything you would want from a company. They were knowledgeable and very polite. Time keeping was excellent as was the workmanship. They were very accommodating – nothing was too much trouble. I would be more than happy to recommend Insolation Solar to anyone.”
Alan | Brierley Hill
“A personal and yet thoroughly professional service. No hard sell but a courteous explanation of the proposed system and answers to our many questions. Installation was as arranged, swiftly carried out and completed with minimal inconvenience. Have no hesitation in recommending Insolation Solar. ”
Nick | Walsall
“Despite a few small unforeseen issues (his first installation on a park home), we have been extremely happy with the service Howard and Wendy have offered. Every query has been answered and sorted swiftly. Howard, and his assistant Ben, were so professional and caring during the installation and we would have no hesitation in recommending Insolation Solar to any prospective purchaser.”
Jeff & Carole | Stratford
“A really professional company on a tricky install on my lodge. They did a great job, offering great advice both before and during install. Aftercare was good too. I would highly recommend this company”
Gary | Stratford


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