Record-breaking year for renewable electricity

The National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO – experts in renewable electricity) has revealed that several records were broken during 2022 for renewable electricity, making it the second greenest year in Great Britain after 2020:

• wind generation reached a new high of over 20GW of electricity
• February was the lowest carbon intensity month since records began, with an average of 126 gCO2/kWh
• 28 December was the greenest day on record, down to 52 gCO2/kWh.

While gas continued to provide the highest percentage of electricity used (38.5%) wind turbines were the next biggest providers (26.8%). On one day in November, they produced a record of over 20GW for the first time – over 70% of the electricity generated that day – and on 30 December that figure rose to 20.918GW.

Zero carbon sources of electricity produced over 50% of electricity in February (the windiest month), May, October, November and December. Their total share for the year was 48.5%, outperforming the 40% fossil fuel generation from gas and coal power stations. Coal is now down to 1.5% compared with 43% in 2012, while the highest wind share ever was 64% on 29 January.

The demand for electricity fluctuated as usual according to the seasons. The lowest demand was 15GW on 12 June at 4am and the highest was 46GW on 15 December at 5pm.

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